(G)I-DLE Soribada I-TALK

Our favorite girls recently uploaded their I-TALK from this year’s Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

At the start of the video we see Shuhua and Minnie dressed in black and white, respectively. Minnie said that they are like an angel and the devil, of course, referring to herself as the angel. Shuhua had to comment on that and said that she was a kind devil and that Minnie was actually just pretending to be an angel. Although Minnie was not thrilled with that explanation, we have to say that it kind of makes sense.

Then Miyeon made a quick appearance and we got a few seconds of our favorite dynamic duo TJ before all the girls started talking over each other and all hell broke loose.

In the next scene we saw Soojin minding her own business, happily typing away on her phone, while Shuhua was trying to talk to her. Shuhua then scolded her for calling her Yuqi once, but it was all in good spirit.

Then the video cuts to Minnie trying to take a perfect selfie, while Yuqi is teasing her for trying all the angles possible. I mean, this is such a typical situation that we’ve all been in. Tag yourself. I’m leaning towards Yuqi.

Anyways, Minnie gave up trying to take a photo in front of that black curtain, saying it wasn’t really doing much for her. She tried her luck in front of a white wall.

After taking her own photo, Minnie had to be Soojin’s photographer. Try as she might, Soojin just wasn’t satisfied with how the pictures looked. Again, typical friendship dynamics.

The rest of the video is just the girls playing various arcade games backstage. They went home with a considerable amount of plushies and Shuhua set a new record in the arcade basketball game.

Below you can see the photos they took after they won the New Wave Award that day.

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