(G)I-DLE Talk Future Plans And Wishes

On January 14, Hey News uploaded a short (but sweet) interview with (G)I-DLE on their official Instagram Account.

At the start of the interview, the girls talked about their amazing Golden Disc Awards performance. Yuqi said that they are a very laid back team and that they never pretend or try to force something on stage, but instead they try to get in the right character.

Soyeon opened up about her songwriting process. The leader said that she always strives to make their lyrics genuine and representative of who they are and how they feel at a given point in time.

When asked how they would define their music, Soyeon answered that their music is personal – she gets inspired by watching the girls and then writes something that only she can write about them.

The next question was about what concepts they would like to try in the future, and Shuhua said that they had tried every concept except one – something cute. She also expressed her wish for them to try it in 2020.

While on the topic of their future, Soojin said that one of her wishes is to meet Neverland all over the world, while Minnie’s wish is to make more good songs.

Judging by what we’ve heard in this interview, (G)I-DLE (and Neverland) have an eventful year ahead of them. We can’t wait!

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