(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Wows Everyone With Her Rap Skills

One of the guests on today’s episode of Korean Foreigner was none other than our adorable and oh-so-talented Yuqi!

Everybody already knows that Yuqi is a variety show queen and that absolutely no one is immune to her charm, but what might have come as a surprise to some is that Yuqi can absolutely spit fire!

We wholeheartedly have to agree with everyone’s reactions. Yuqi absolutely killed it – the flow, the pronunciation, the effortlessness… Soyeon must be very proud!

If anyone creates a petition for Yuqi to get more rap lines in the future, let us know.

Yuqi also showed everyone that she can get down with K-pop veterans. Just check out her dancing to “Like This” with ex-Wonder Girls members Yubin and Hyelim.

Is there something this girls can’t do?

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