[(G)I-DLE] Yuqi’s Surprise V Live

Neverlands, how are we feeling after looking at Yuqi’s adorable face for an hour? Rejuvenated and giddy? Yeah, we feel you.

At the start of the V Live, Yuqi told us she got a hair treatment today, which totally shows because her hair looks as healthy as ever.

She also shared some of her favorite songs with us, starting with Lee Hi’s “Breathe“. She told us that that was the song she often listed to when she first came to Korea, because her trainee days were very exhausting – there was always something new to learn or do – and she often felt sad and overwhelmed.

Then played “Scared To Be Lonely” by Dua Lipa and the first thing that came to our mind was this beautiful video. Soyeon’s face at exactly 1:00 is our reaction as well.

After listening to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”, Yuqi told us that she is very excited for her birthday this year (September 23) so Neverlands, we better have some hashtags ready!

She told us that she recently watched I Am Sam, and that she was extremely touched by the movie, so touched in fact, that she watched it whole, something she usually doesn’t do because she rarely has any down time.

After that Yuqi called the rest of the members. We found out that Soyeon and Yuqi were going to watch this week’s episode of Queendom together (we’ll have a recap of the episode up soon). Yuqi said that their participation in the show is a very special experience for them because it will help them improve their performances and enable them to reach more people. She concluded with a request that we watch the show, and who are we to say no to Yuqi?

She then tried to call Shuhua, but her phone was so broken that she couldn’t hear her. So relatable.

A fan commented “Yuqi, please notice me”, and she replied “Okay, I noticed you.” A little sass never killed anybody, am I right?

She concluded the V Live by shouting “WELCOME TO THE NEVERLAND” and saying this was a spoiler. Of course, she was talking about their upcoming first official fanmeeting by that name, set to take place on September 22, a day before her birthday. We hope that Neverlands who are going to attend the meet will make it super special for her.

And that’s it, guys. Did you watch the V Live? Do you keep up with Queendom? Let us know down below!

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