(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Fangirls Over TWICE In VLive

(G)I-DLE’s youngest member did a surprise VLlive broadcast earlier today and mostly talked about Queendom and the group’s most recent performance.

Shuhua praised her fellow members and their backup dancers who did a great job in helping them create the whole apocalipse stage. You can read more about it here.

After giving us her insight on Mnet’s show, Shuhua went on to respond to fans’ comments and, eventually, we found out that she is a TWICE fangirl.

At around 21:40 in the video, she talked about TWICE’s latest Korean title track “Feel Special”:

“I listen to it every day, really. I like the lyrics so much and it comforts me.”

She then played the song on and even sang along, until Tzuyu’s part started and she happily commented: “Oh, Tzuyu’s part!” 

Shuhua is a certified ONCE: confirmed!

And if you have been keeping up with our articles, you already know that CLC’s Elkie (who is Shuhua’s labelmate) is best friends with Tzuyu, and they were also spotted having dinner with Dreamcatcher’s Handong – they are truly the ultimate clique of Chinese speaking idols!

Elkie has also recently shared a video of herself playing with (G)I-DLE’s dog Haku, so you can already see where we’re going with this… There’s no doubt that Shuhua will get to meet her Tzuyu sunbaenim soon!

While we’re waiting for the Taiwanese maknaes to meet and (hopefully) share some photos together, you can read more about TWICE here and (G)I-DLE here

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