(G)I-DLE’s Soaring Popularity + Minnie’s Upcoming Collab

Even though a lot of people are not fans of Mnet’ in general, and its new show Queendom in particular, no one can deny that the show has brought a lot of good to its contestants, most of all to everyone’s hoobaes (G)I-DLE.

The girls were by no means unknown before the show, but Queendom has given them the opportunity to show just how talented they are to a significantly larger audience, which they absolutely did.

For example, (G)I-DLE topped this month’s Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings chart, while last month they were at number 20. That is a very significant jump. In just one month they’ve gained around thirteen million points!

Further analysis of this showed that some of the keywords connected to the group during the past month were precisely “Queendom“, “Soojin” and “Minnie“. By the way, if you’ve missed the latest episode of the show, go check out our recap right here.

Recently Minnie has been making waves, both in Korea and internationally, thanks to her beautiful and unique voice. In addition to (G)I-DLE’s new single which they will release on October 24 as part of their participation in Queendom, all Neverlands (and hopefully many other people) will get to hear her lovely voice on October 18, when her collaboration with an Australian YouTuber Wengie is set to drop. Don’t you just love that our little queen is dropping a song titled “Empire“?

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