Goo Hara Passes Away + Police Statement & Public Outrage


The police made their official statement regarding the investigation into Goo Hara’s passing at a press conference on November 25.

A handwritten note was found on a table in her living room, but the police have neither confirmed nor denied whether it is a suicide note.

Commissioner Lee Yong Pyo said that Goo Hara was found around 6 pm yesterday (Nov. 24) by her housekeeper, who had previously tried to contact her, with no response. However, based on an onsite inspection and testimony from her family, there is no suspicion of a crime.

Based on the analysis of CCTV footage, we have confirmed that she returned home on November 24 at approximately 12:35 am, so it is presumed that she passed away after that time. No one else had visited Goo Hara’s home between that time and 6 pm, when her housekeeper discovered her.

Commissioner Lee Yong Pyo

It remains to be seen if the police will conduct an autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Korean public is enraged by this tragic event and seeking justice for Goo Hara and other women who have fallen victim to sex crimes such as revenge porn. It was brought to light once again that Goo Hara suffered from threats by her ex-boyfriend and abuser Choi Jongbeom, but he suffered no negative consequences (although the trial is still ongoing due to Goo Hara’s appeal), so the hashtag #최종범_처벌 [Choi Jongbeom_Punishment] is now spreading on Korean social media. People have also started a petition to reconsider penalties and sentencing guidelines for sex crimes, which can be signed on this website.

Fans will be able to pay their respects to Goo Hara at St. Mary’s Hospital Funeral Hall 1 from 3 pm today, November 25, to November 27 at midnight. Her family and friends will hold the wake and funeral at the Yonsei Severance Hospital Funeral Hall, but Hara’s agency has requested that people refrain from visiting the location of the private funeral.

Rest in power, Goo Hara.

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Original article

On November 24, it has been reported that Goo Hara, Korean actress and singer (former member of KARA) was discovered dead in her home in Seoul’s Cheongdam neighborhood. She was 28 years old.

An official from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station confirmed that she was found at approximately 6 pm KST. The cause of death is still unknown, but the police are investigating as we speak.

Hara’s passing comes just six weeks after the tragic death of her best friend Sulli, on October 14.

May she rest in peace.

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