GOT7 Comeback Countdown + Lyrics Spoiler

November 4, midnight KST

Today, GOT7 released an online cover for Call My Name…

…and a teaser for their upcoming monograph of the same name.

In the short video, we can see some the boys posing for the cameras and some members even shared their thoughts on the new album.

It’s meaningful whenever fans call our name…


It’s my first time seeing this since the debut! Honestly, you guys are bound to like this concept…


Ahgase, it’s less than 24 hours till the boys drop the new MV! What do you think about this concept?

D-1 (November 3)

The final lyrics preview is officially here!

The boys have just blessed us with the remaining lyric snippets, sharing Mark’s, BamBam’s and Youngjae’s parts.

Mark‘s lines in the song are:

You’re my last piece, you complete me – you’re my everything

Youngjae‘s part goes as follows:

Call out my name, call me, call out my name

BamBam‘s verse goes like:

My fatal mistake, I’m fake without you, a black sky with no light

They also shared an album spoiler video, with snippets of songs playing over a repetitive sequence that shows the boys writing the names of the songs in a notebook.

What a day!

D-2 (November 2)

Today, the boys revealed some of the lyrics for the new title track, more precisely, they shared Jinyoung’s, Jackson’s, Yugyeom’s and JB’s lines.

JB‘s lines go something like:

Same dream, same memories, the habits that I took after you – it all points to you

Jinyoung‘s part comes up next:

That shiny day and the promise to make it last forever are still in me

Yugyeom sings:

I never saw it coming – that with your disappearance, the reason [for me to be alive] will be gone too

Lastly, we have Jackson‘s lines:

I lean closer and your voice makes me breathe, I’m all yours

Ahgase, what do you think about these lyrics?

D-3 (November 1)

One thing is sure – Jackson stans will not be feeling well after seeing the following video:

GOT7’s second MV teaser brings us Jackson’s close-ups and a tiny snippet of the boys’ new choreography. Once again, we can see the green light from the individual video teasers (scroll down to watch them) and we can’t help but wonder what it all means.

D-4 (October 31)

The boys have just shared a music video teaser for “You Calling My Name”:

We finally got to hear the title song for the first time! How do you like it, Ahgase?

D-5 (October 30)

It’s finally here – the official tracklist for Call My Name.

The album consists of six songs, the first one being the title track, written by J.Y. Park himself with a little help from his collaborators, including JB.

“Now Or Never” features Jonas Blue, an English DJ and record producer, who specializes in pop and dance music. It is surely destined to be a standout on this record.

The boys had a chance to bring some of their own ideas into the mix as well, with Jinyoung co-writing the lyrics for “Run Away” and Yugyeom participating in “Clash & Burn”.

Ahgases are already beyond themselves with excitement and we cannot help but join in on the celebration as well!

D-6 (October 29)

Following yesterday’s release of eight sets of photos, the boys have just shared the image teasers for Youngjae, Mark and BamBam.

You can see the photos here:

Youngjae – 1,2
Mark – 1,2
BamBam – 1,2

D-7 (October 28)
UPDATE No. 2 (5 pm KST)

GOT7 have just shared a countdown message video from JB on their official Twitter account.

In the short videoclip, JB greeted Ahgase and said:

It’s only seven more days to go before we release “You Calling My Name”. Goodbyeee

Stay tuned for more teaser updates, and probably, countdown message videos from the other members as well.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 am KST)

Just when we were expecting GOT7 to drop the Call My Name album medley or tracklist, they surprised us with some more teaser photos!

Today we got a total of 8 sets of image teasers, starting with photos of JB.

You can see the rest of the teasers here:

  • Yugyeom – 1, 2
  • Jackson – 1,2
  • Jinyoung – 1,2
D-8 (October 27)

No rest for the wicked, right, Ahgase? Even though it’s the weekend, GOT7 decided to upload another teaser.

Today we have two pairs and a trio, and we really can’t decide which photo is our favorite. All three photos look like they were taken for a cover of some expensive men’s magazine, and the boys definitely look extremely expensive.

Do you think we’ll be lucky enough to see them in those suits once promotions start?

D-9 (October 26)

A new set of teaser photos is out now!

Today, the boys are divided in sub-units in both photos. The first one shows JB, Mark, Yugyeom and Jinyoung, while the second one brings us Jackson, Youngjae and BamBam looking all classy.

D-10 (October 25)

After they released all the video teasers, JYPE shared two group photo teasers:

In the photos, we can see the title track and album title written in green and it just makes us ever more curious about the meaning behind it.

D-11 (October 24)

GOT7 revealed the name and a preview of their upcoming album!

Call My Name, scheduled for release on November 4, comes in four versions (A, B, C, and D) and the fans that preorder the album will be treated to some exclusive goodies.

We are sure that the group has more to show us before the album drops, so stay tuned for more!

D-12 (October 24)

The last individual video teaser if finally out!

In the video we can see Mark sitting in the same room, but he is the first member to actually say something:

You are the reason for my life

If you’re not here

I’m not here

Call my name!

After that, we can see the words “Call my name” and “You calling my name” (You 부르는 나의 이름) on screen.

Has Mark just revealed the lyrics and the name of the album/title track?

D-13 (October 23)

Youngjae is the star of today’s first teaser!

At the beginning of the video, we can see a candle, which could be the continuation of the storyline from Jinyoung’s video, that was uploaded yesterday. Jinyoung was surrounded by candles in the last scene, and now a similar candle appears in the first scene of Youngjae’s teaser.

Apart from the candles, we also see two ink bottles; one contains green and the other purple ink. Youngjae then chooses the green one and dips a pen into the ink, before pouring a few drops of it into a glass of water (that we also saw yesterday).

Again, the color green definitely symbolizes something in this comeback, but we can’t tell what it is (yet)!

BamBam‘s teaser is up next:

BamBam is seen staring at a black polaroid before he takes a pen and writes “You Calling My Name” on the photograph.

Ahgase, is this going to be GOT7’s new title track?

D-14 (October 22)

Today, the boys continued their teaser series with a minute-long video featuring Jackson.

Much like JB and Yugyeom, Jackson is sitting in the same white room, and we can see him holding a half empty (or half full) glass. It could be the same glass that Yugyeom filled with water before.
Jackson then pours the water into a vase and we can see the same green light from previous video teasers flash across his face for a moment.

The glass of water and the mysterious green light are the recurring motifs in all the teasers released so far.

After they released Jackson’s video, JYPE also uploaded a video featuring Jinyoung:

Jinyoung is seen observing the flowers in the same room before he goes to sleep. Again, the green light flashes across his face and that’s where the video ends.

Ahgase, what do you think this means?

D-15 (October 21)

GOT7 decided to treat fans to solo video teasers this time around!

The group released a prologue film of JB. We can see the stunning close-ups of their leader, seen taking pictures with a Polaroid camera.

In the following week, we can expect all individual prologue videos to be posted, which should give us an insight into the upcoming comeback.

Some fifteen minutes after they shared JB’s video, JYPE uploaded a video featuring GOT7’s maknae as well.

You check it out here:

D-16 (October 18)

JYPE just dropped a bomb on all Ahgase by releasing a surprise group photo teaser for GOT7’s comeback!

According to the information on the group’s official Twitter account, GOT7 will return with a new album on November 4.

No other information about the album has been revealed yet, but we can guess that JYPE will drop some more teasers as soon as tomorrow.

Stay tuned for daily updates!

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