GOT7 Perform New Songs And Showcase Their New Concept

Earlier today, GOT7 released their new mini album Call My Name along with the music video for “You Calling My Name”.

After the release, the boys held a showcase for their fans, performing three new songs from the album: the title track “You Calling My Name”, “Thursday” and “Crash & Burn”.

Ahgases were especially impressed by the choreography for the last one.

What’s more, this era’s concept appears to be more sultry and sleek than their previous ones. Commenting on the matter, Yugyeom had this to say:

It’s our first time doing this concept since debut.

And BamBam added:

I think that it’s impossible for fans to dislike this concept.

We couldn’t agree more, right Ahgase?

You can watch their showcase performance here.

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