GOT7 Release Concept Photos For “7 Edition”

January 12

The last concept photo brings us our “LA boyYugyeom.

Seven days and seven individual teasers later, we’re still no closer to finding out what 7 Edition will be… Let’s see if GOT7 reveals more tomorrow!

January 11

Today we got the “7 edition” photo of GOT7’s Thai prince.

BamBam is making fans fall for him all over again with that smoldering stare. This concept is definitely our cup of tea!

January 10

Youngjae is here, serving boyfriend looks.

Ahgase, how do you like this look from GOT7’s main vocalist?

January 9

On the fourth day of “7 Edition” teasers, we’ve been blessed by the appearance of Prince Jinyoung.

Still no concrete hints about what this project really is, but we’re loving the classy looks GOT7 are serving.

January 8

Jackson is the third member to be revealed in a concept photo.

Ahgase, what do you think “7 Edition” is all about?

January 7

JYPE is still being hush-hush about the whole “7 Edition” buzz, but at least Ahgases are getting new teasers daily!

Mark is the star of the day.

January 6

Just three days after they dropped a mysterious teaser titled “7 Edition”, GOT7 are back with the first concept photo.

The image features none other than the birthday boy, JB.

GOT7’s leader looks handsome and classy, but we’re still left wondering – what is “7 Edition” actually all about… Ahgase, what is your guess?

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