GOT7 Release New Song “You Calling My Name”

It’s finally happening!

GOT7 have just released a music video for their comeback title track “You Calling My Name”.

The song is super sultry and sensual, and the boys look absolutely stunning.

The main motif which dedicated Ahgases will immediately notice is the omnipresent green light in almost every shot of the music video. Be it the smoke at the beginning of the song, the inside of the car, the fire in the fireplace or even Jackson’s eyes, green seems to be playing an important role in this era.
It was also the main motif in all the album teasers, which you can check out for yourself here.

We’re sure the fans will get to the bottom of this mystery in no time.

The song is taken from their new mini album Call My Name which was also released today.

Which song is your favourite?

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