GOT7 Turn On Each Other In Dance Practice Video (Name Tag Survival Version)

On November 17, GOT7 blessed us with a fun dance practice video for “You Calling My Name”, featuring a Running Man-style name tag survival game!

The rules were as follows:

  1. The members are supposed to dance to the song until the music stops. Then they can start moving around freely and try ripping off each other’s name tags.
  2. The member who loses his name tag will receive a random punishment.

Let’s see how that played out…

The boys first started dancing to the regular choreo of “You Calling My Name” and when the music suddenly stopped, they rushed to try and snatch someone’s name tag. To avoid that, JB threw himself to the floor and Jackson climbed as high as he possibly could. Jinyoung, BamBam and Youngjae then decided to try lifting JB to take his name tag, but Jinyoung – as the sneaky savage king we know him to be – actually tricked BamBam and took his name tag.

As a punishment for losing his name tag, BamBam had to wear a wig through the rest of the practice. Hilariously, BamBam also lost in the second round, so he had to wear a pair of glasses as well.

They continued dancing and when the music stopped for the third time, Mark attacked…guess who? That’s right: BamBam. Poor Bammie now had to put a Halloween mask on his face, and that’s how he ended this energetic dance practice.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for a more polished “You Calling My Name” stage, we suggest you watch the guys’ Inkigayo performance from earlier. GOT7 came in second today, as IU’s “Love Poem” took the trophy.

Ahgase, how did you like GOT7’s chaotic dance practice?

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