GOT7’s BamBam Announces Collab With F.HERO [Update]

  • Check out the MV here.

Update (Oct. 15)

BamBam snapped!

At 6 pm ICT, F.HERO shared the MV teaser for the duo’s upcoming song on What The Duck’s official YouTube channel.

Check out our Bammie being all elegant, yet dangerous in that black suit!

The song will be released already tomorrow, so stay tuned for more updates.

Update (Oct. 14, 6 pm ICT)

In light of recent events, F.HERO’s label What The Duck has announced that the MV teaser release is postponed for tomorrow, October 15.

Original article:

On October 14, JYP Entertainment announced that GOT7’s BamBam will be featured on the track “Do You” by the Thai rapper F.HERO.

The music video for their new song “Do You” will be released on October 16 at 6 pm local time.

BamBam has always been vocal about how much he wants to collab with other artists and, especially, fellow rappers, so all the Ahgase must be really happy for him now. Hopefully, Bammie will get a chance to make music with his favorite artist Ozuna in the future as well.

BamBam and F.HERO will drop a MV teaser already later today, so stay tuned for updates!

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