GOT7’s Hong Kong Shows Postponed For Safety Reasons

Aghase have been demanding JYP Entertainment to cancel GOT7’s concerts in Hong Kong for days, and it seems that their voices have finally been heard.

On August 16, the agency issued the official statement:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This is an announcement that GOT7’s 2019 World Tour “Keep Spinning” in Hong Kong, which was scheduled for August 31 (Saturday) and September 1 (Sunday) of 2019, will be postponed due to safety reasons of the local situation.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who have been looking forward to it.

All of the purchased tickets will be cancelled and refunded entirely, and ticketing will be held again in the future according to the updated schedule.

We will share updates first with the fans who show support for GOT7.

We ask fans for understanding.

Thank you.”

The announcement comes after several weeks of pro-democracy protests and unrest in Hong Kong. Earlier this week, on August 13, Konnect Entertainment cancelled Kang Daniel’s “Color on Me in Hong Kong” fan meeting set for August 18, and now AB6IX’ fans are urging the group’s agency to postpone their fan meeting, scheduled for August 24, as well. 

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