HINAPIA Debut Countdown

D-3 (October 31)

UPDATE No. 3 (6 pm KST)

Another MV teaser for “DRIP” is out now!

We were blessed with two music video teasers for “DRIP”, all in the same day.

This one gives us a taste of the choreography for the song, as well as a reference to the concept photos from earlier this week.

We cannot wait for the full video to finally drop on Sunday!

UPDATE No. 2 (12 pm KST)

The MV teaser for “DRIP” has been released!

It seems like the girls couldn’t wait for us to see what they’ve come up with, so they decided to drop the teaser half a day earlier than scheduled.

The teaser follows the same aesthetic as the concept photos, while the chorus for the song subtly plays in the background.

If you want to hear the song in full, the girls performed it on Show Champion yesterday, which you can check out here.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 am KST)

The first official group photo is finally here!

The girls are all together at last, in the final concept photo before the album drops on Sunday. Their visual game is seriously no joke and we can only imagine what the actual music video is going to be like.

Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, Yaebin, and Bada, despite their busy schedule, found some time yesterday to say hi to their fans on V Live. After their amazing performance on Show Champion, the girls sat down for a few minutes to enjoy some cake and celebrate their debut.

They also introduced Bada as a new member and warmly welcomed her to the family.

D-4 (October 30)

HINAPIA has their own V Live account!

While there still is no content to be found on the channel, we can look forward to many awesome videos from the girls in the future.

The girls have also been having fun posting backstage photos from Show Champion today, which you can read all about here.

They hope the fans enjoyed their first performance and look forward to taking over many other new stages soon.

Minkyeung has finally arrived as the last member and the final boss.

Formerly known as Roa, Minkyeung takes her rightful place as the lead vocalist of the group.

D-5 (October 29)

HINAPIA has been confirmed to appear on Show Champion!

The girls will be taking the stage this Wednesday, October 30, which will mark their first performance before the album release. It is still unclear what this special stage will entail, which gives us all the more reason to tune in tomorrow evening.

Gyeongwong’s concept photo is a visual masterpiece!

Gyeongwong, formerly known as Yuha, will be the vocalist of HINAPIA.

D-6 (October 28)

Two new concept photos – of Eunwoo and Yaebin – have just been released.

Eunwoo returned to the scene as stunning as always, taking the role of the main vocalist of the group.

Yaebin, formerly known as Rena, will be coming back to slay us all with her amazing rapping skills.

D-7 (October 27)

HINAPIA announced their hidden member: Bada!

Bada is the newest member to join HINAPIA. The new dancer is the only one who is not a former member of PRISTIN. As a 17-year-old, she is also the maknae of the group.

D-8 (October 26)

HINAPIA’s label OSR Entertainment published the teaser release plan for the group’s debut on HINAPIA’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Leading up to the album release, a series of promotional concept photos of the members is set to grace our social media feeds, with a special surprise being the announcement of a secret new member. And while the initial idea was to introduce the hidden member last, the label decided to change their strategy and reveal the new girl first.

HINAPIA will reportedly be releasing their debut album New Start, as well as the MV for their title track of the same name, on November 3.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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