HINAPIA Take Us Behind The Scenes Of “DRIP”

HINAPIA have released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for their debut song “DRIP”.

In addition to showing the filming process of the music video, the girls also shared their commentary on different scenes.

Talking about her solo bathtub scene, Eunwoo had this to say:

I was pretty unsure how to film this scene because it’s such a meaningful part of the music video. I worked really hard on it.

Gyeongwon added:

The cage in the music video was a lot bigger than I expected, so I was a bit scared to sit on top of it because it was so high, but it turned out to be really cool.

Lastly, Minkyeung said:

My scene is quite sexy and mysterious, but I’m not sure if I was able to fully bring that kind of concept to life.

Which scene was your favourite?

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