Hwasa Wows Everyone With “Twit” And Wins Award At MBC Entertainment Awards

Once again Hwasa has proved that she can do anything! Be an amazing MC? Check! Deliver a spectacular performance of her majorly successful solo song? Check! Win an excellence award? Check! And she did it all in one night!

For those of you who may have missed it, today (Dec. 29), the annual MBC Entertainment Awards were held at the MBC Public Hall in Seoul. Hwasa was not only one of the MCs for the night, along with Jun Hyunmoo and the rapper P.O, but she also performed her bop “Twit“. Check out her amazing performance in the video below.

Hwasa didn’t go home empty handed – she managed to win the 2019 Variety Excellence Award for her participation on I Live Alone.

Congrats to our queen Hwasa!

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