Hwasa X Woogie Drop Their Collab “In The Fall”

Today, October 11 at 6 pm KST, Hwasa and Woogie finally dropped their new song “In The Fall“.

Just as we expected, Woogie and Hwasa gave us an absolutely beautiful ballad, perfect for chilly, nostalgic fall nights.

Even without the lyrics, which 1theK graciously already uploaded, you can understand that Hwasa is longing for something in this song. That’s the power of a good singer – not only is her voice perfect, but she poured so much emotion into the song that you can’t help but feel touched, regardless of whether you understand the lyrics or not. Good music knows no linguistic boundaries.

This song will definitely become our staple for when we’re feeling blue this fall (and many more seasons to come).

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I fell in love with her voice. She is a vocal goddess and can pull any emotion

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