HyunA And DAWN Open TikTok Accounts

HyunA and DAWN continue to reign as the ultimate power couple and are now set to take over the land of TikTok as well.

Both artists have created their own accounts on the app today and are ready to start posting cool new content.

HyunA’s explanation for joining TikTok is really quite simple: she wants to be closer to her fans. In her first ever video on the platform, she elaborated:

I am opening my own TikTok account to be able to connect with my fans. I am looking forward to sharing fun content with you all.

DAWN had pretty much the same idea when he announced his account, stating the following:

Through TikTok, I’ll be sharing updates with my fans, so please send me your love and support.

You can find HyunA’s profile here and DAWN’s here.

We can’t wait to see what these two will come up with next!

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