HyunA & DAWN Showcase: A New Beginning

The power couple is back!

HyunA and DAWN both released new singles today: “Flower Showerand “Money”, respectively. They premiered the music videos and performances of the songs on a comeback showcase broadcast via V LIVE.

The showcase was hosted by Kim Shinyoung, who also interviewed the duo.

DAWN performed his song “Money” first, marking his debut as a solo artist. He reflected on this experience:

It’s my first time going on stage alone like this so I’m a bit nervous, but thanks to HyunA and to our staff, I feel assured.

I really prepared hard while making new music, so I hope that the fans will support me and like it.

“Money” turned out to be quite an emotional song with and exceptional music video. The performance included an array of background dancers and amazing choreography.

On the other hand, HyunA’s concept was pretty much on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to DAWN’s.

Colorful and fun, the music video would’ve been perfect for a summer hit. It showed in her performance as well, when she staged a flower shower quite literally, with flower petals and confetti constantly falling on the stage.

When asked about the concept, HyunA explained:

I have always really loved flowers and wanted that to show this in both the song and the music video. This whole experience felt a little like a Disney movie, but it does also have a deeper meaning. The flower needs to be taken care of for it to bloom. The lyrics reflect this thought.

Additionally, DAWN was also asked about his name change. He explained:

I’m starting anew in a different company so I thought it would be better to change my [stage] name as well.
I changed it to “DAWN” so that it reflects a new start, just like a morning dawn.

We want to congratulate the pair on a phenomenal comeback and wish them the best of luck with upcoming promotions!

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