HYYH Is Alive And Well In New BTS Game Trailer

The most beautiful moment in life? Getting a YouTube notification that BANGTANTV uploaded a new video.

On the same day that Bang PD mentioned that Big Hit was working with Netmarble on developing a new BTS-themed game, they give us a trailer for said game. Indeed no rest for the wicked.

Even though the clip is less than a minute long, there’s a lot happening in it.

RM is standing in the middle of a street with fights and violence raging around him and Jin is in a room that is on fire, seeming entirely too calm for a person in his position.

Then the video cuts to a scene from their “Run” MV, and the clip turns to animation. We get to see references to both “Spring Day” and “Young Forever” MVs before the video ends.

And the narration does nothing to explain what the heck is going on in the video, but hey, at least it’s in English, amirite I-ARMY?

“Who is to be saved? Where is the map of the soul to open the future?” I mean, what?

I’m not sure I even want to know what awaits us when the game launches. Where is my happy-go-lucky content?

Anyway, if you want to have a few giggles, be sure to go on Twitter and check out some of the comments. I’m off to cleanse myself with some “Go Go” on repeat.

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