Idol Radio With CLC – “Devil Wears Black”

Episode 432 of MBC’s Idol Radio brought us CLC and another performance of their latest hit “Devil”. 

MC Jung Ilhoon of BtoB welcomed his hoobaes and labelmates for an interview session, during which they talked about the new album and the girls’ recent hobbies.

When he asked the girls about today’s dress code, Elkie said that although they wore black to match well with the song title and the name of the episode, she feels more like an angel in black rather than a devil. And who are we to disagree with her?

Next up, Ilhoon asked the members about their hobbies. Seungyeon said that she might consider reopening her YouTube channel, where she would cover topics like dance, exercise, and other things she is into lately.

Eunbin is set to appear in KBS’ new drama Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful, where she will play the role of a high school tennis prodigy. Therefore, Ilhoon asked her to demonstrate her tennis skills right there in the studio – and you can see how that went here.

Seungyeon was then prompted to drop the beat and do some freestyle rapping. Honestly, at this rate she might even snatch the main rapper title from Yeeun.

Later on, Ilhoon asked CLC about their bond and whether they argue sometimes. Seunghee was quick to say that they all feel like sisters after all the time they have spent together, so they always treat each other nicely, even when they are in a bad mood.

Later, the girls danced to a medley of “Black Dress”, “Hobgoblin” and their debut song “Pepe”, followed by “No Oh Oh”, “No” and, finally, “Me”

After a short break, Ilhoon told the girls to try to remember some special moments from their pre-debut days, and asked them what changed the most in these five years of their career. Seunghee then answered that they all definitely grew up and became more responsible compared to their rookie days.

Finally, Seunghee, Yeeun, and Seungyeon did a short Korean cover of Steelheart’s “She’s Gone”, after which the group bid goodbye to their fans.

We loved seeing the girls all happy and relaxed in the studio and we hope they get more chances to show off their amazing personalities!

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