Idols Celebrate Halloween With Spooky Costumes And Special Stages On ‘M Countdown’

Episode 641 of Mnet’s M Countdown was a special one because it was broadcast on the spookiest day of the year: Halloween! The show celebrated by organizing four Halloween stages, including performances by Ladies’ Code’s Sojung, ONEUS, LOONA, and ATEEZ.

In fact, many other artists performed in full costume as well, so we had Han Min Woo as the Joker, Kang Xiwon as Harley Quinn, ONF as zombie priests…and even the MCs – Han Hyunmin and AB6IX’s Daehwi – came prepared!

Han Hyunmin as Frankenstein & Daehwi as Chucky

Special stage 1

Firstly, Heejin, Yves, Kim Lip, Olivia Hye, and Choerry of LOONA showed off their charisma and sexiness in a perfect cover of Sunmi’s “Full Moon”. Orbits all around the world were found dead after this jaw-dropping performance.

To quote Sunmi herself:

‘Studio M’ Halloween Stage

Ladies’ Code’s Sojung did not come to play! She did a unique rendition of Billie Eilish’s “bad guy”, looking scary and sultry dressed up as Black Swan. Her vocals were on point and that dance break near the end was stunning as well.

Special stage 2

ATEEZ were back with a Halloween remix of their latest title track “WONDERLAND”! The boys pulled off this goosebump-inducing concept perfectly… Can we reign Seonghwa as the king of demonic expressions now? Also, this braid hairstyle on San needs to make a comeback sometime soon.
ATINY, how did you guys like this version?

In addition, you can watch the behind-the-scenes story of the group’s Halloween-themed fansign event, that took place on Monday, October 27, in the video below! Mingi was absent due to previously reported reasons, but don’t miss Hongjoong as Captain Jack Sparrow, Yunho as Thor, Seonghwa as James Bond, San as Draco Malfoy, Wooyoung as Harry Potter, Jongho as Dracula, and Yeosang (being more beautiful than any woman) as Harley Quinn.

Special stage 3

In case you ever wondered what 2PM’s “Heartbeat” would look and sound like if it was performed by zombies, you got your answer today. ONEUS got their spook on and gave us an incredible vocal and dance performance. I mean, have you seen Keonhee contorting his hand while singing without a hitch? Or Seoho’s somersault in the end? These rookies truly never disappoint.

Let us know in the comments: which Halloween stage was your favorite?

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