ISAC 2019 Teaser Photos

The 2019 Chuseok special of Idol Star Athletics Championships is fast approaching! Therefore, MBC has been sharing preview photos from the event. Check them out below.

The groups at this year’s ISAC are lighting up the auditorium with their visuals during the opening ceremony. Firstly, we have the handsome boys from NCT 127, CIX, SF9, and PENTAGON:

There are also some adorable shots of Mark and Yeji reading out the fair play oath as idol representatives. In fact, some fans have noticed their resemblance to Toothless and Light Fury from the animated film How to Train Your Dragon, how cute is that?🤭

More photos from the oath reading moment below, featuring the incredible visuals of NCT’s Jaehyun and Stray Kids’ Lee Know😍

The opening ceremony seems to have been a lot of fun, as actor Song Jinwoo and musical/comedic duo UV turned it up with their exciting performance!

Finally, MBC posted some photos from the archery event. As we’ve already seen in the video teaser, TWICE‘s “School Meal Club” came prepared in superhero-esque archery suits. Here are their selfies, as well as the Lovelyz members (Yein, Mijoo, Kei):

Take a look at these gorgeous women in action!

Tzuyu (TWICE), Mijoo (Lovelyz), Eunseo (Cosmic Girls), Binnie (Oh My Girl)
Mijoo (Lovelyz), Mimi (Oh My Girl), Dayoung (Cosmic Girls), Dahyun (TWICE)

Let’s not forget about the male competitors either! Here are the pics that NCT 127‘s Johnny, Mark and Doyoung, and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok, Wooseok, Kino – dressed in royal hanbok attire – and Jinho took with some cute filters…

…in addition to more photos of the boys in action (see below). Only at ISAC can you see such handsome men holding a bow and arrow!

Mark (NCT 127), Wooseok (PTG), Felix (Stray Kids), Juyeon (The Boyz)
Doyoung (NCT 127), Younghoon (The Boyz), Lee Know (Stray Kids), Wooseok (PTG)

Are you guys are excited about ISAC 2019? Less than two weeks to go😃

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