ISAC 2020 Lunar New Year Special: Results And Highlights (Part 1)

The first part of the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special aired today, January 24, on MBC. This year’s competition will be broadcast over three days in celebration of Seollal, i.e. Korean Lunar New Year, and a total of 202 idols (51 groups) participated in seven main events:

  • track-and-field
  • archery
  • ssireum (Korean wrestling)
  • pitching
  • penalty shootouts
  • e-sports
  • horseback riding.

Keep reading to find out who won medals or qualified for the finals in today’s episode. Part 2 airs on Saturday at 10:40 am, while Part 3 will be broadcast on Monday at 5 pm KST.

Women’s 60m race
  1. May (Cherry Bullet)
  2. Yuji (3YE)
  3. Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)
  4. Seoryeong (GWSN)
  5. Yves (LOONA)
  6. Sihyeon (ARIAZ)

Men’s 60m race

  1. Nam Yunsung (NOIR) – silver medal last year
  2. Hwalchan (GreatGuys) – gold medal last year
  3. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)
  4. Seonghwa (ATEEZ)
  5. Jeon Woong (AB6IX)
  6. Heo Chan (VICTON)

Men’s ssireum

Six teams competed for the gold in Korean wrestling: ATEEZ, VERIVERY, VICTON, SF9, ONF, and Golden Child. The first four groups had to win two heats in order to compete for first place, while ONF and Golden Child just needed to win once to immediately qualify for the final round.

Both ATEEZ and VICTON quickly beat their respective opponents, VERIVERY and SF9, after two rounds, with their star players Wooyoung and Yunho (ATEEZ) and Sejun and Subin (VICTON). The battle between Golden Child and ONF was much more tense, as all three players had to enter the ring. Ultimately, Golden Child’s Seungmin and Jangjun came out victorious and took their team to the finals by winning two out of three rounds.

The semi-finals between ATEEZ and VICTON saw the confrontation of both group’s best players. In the end, Wooyoung beat Sejun, and Yunho knocked Subin to the ground, leading their team to the finals!

Finally here are the results of the last round between ATEEZ and Golden Child:

  • Wooyoung vs. Seungmin – 1:0
  • Yunho vs. Daeyeol – 1:1
  • Yeosang vs. Jangjun – 2:1.

Monster rookies ATEEZ shined in this event – on their first ever ISAC appearance – and deservedly won the Hanwoo beef prize and ceremonial parade around the venue. As the winner of the final round (and just generally the prince of the group), Yeosang was the one carried on the palanquin. Of course, ATEEZ’ ssireum ace Yunho took the time to thank the many fans who came to support them in his winning speech:

It’s our first time participating in wrestling, and to get a gold medal for it…I have become more interested in wrestling thanks to this occasion.
We, ATEEZ, will work hard to show even better performances in 2020. Thank you, ATINY!

eSports (PUBG)

The popular shooting game PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds was back this year as well! In today’s episode, we got to see 47 idols competing in teams but ultimately fighting to be the last (wo)man standing. However, this was just a practice round, and the real competition begins tomorrow.

LOONA girls were on fire throughout the game, with Choerry getting the first kill (consequently, ONF’s E-Tion was the first one out) and Olivia Hye emerging as one of the front-runners with four kills in total, which was the second highest body count in the end.

The big shocker was the fact that last year’s star players – NCT DREAM’s Chenle and Golden Child’s Y – were eliminated early in the game this time around. Let’s wait and see how they do when the real battle begins…

So, the ace player that seemed to be ruling the game this year was Park Jihoon, who teamed up with fellow former Wanna One members – Kim Jaehwan, Ha Sungwoon, and AB6IX’s Daehwi – under the name UTD (“united”).

Sadly, both NCT DREAM and Stray Kids had bad luck in this practice game, as their players got eliminated almost in succession. The last one standing was DREAM’s Jaemin, who got into a tense face-off with Park Jihoon that culminated with Jihoon’s precise headshot.

In the end, there were only three: Park Jihoon, MOMOLAND’s Nayun, and ONF’s MK. The latter was shot down by the ex-member of Wanna One pretty quickly, while the visibly scared Nayun had the help and support of her fellow members Hyebin, Jane, and JooE. Nevertheless, she was caught outside the shrinking magnetic field and was thus eliminated, leaving Jihoon as the final winner (with a total of seven kills).

If this is how he plays in the warm-up game, we can’t wait for tomorrow to see how pro gamer Park Jihoon does in the main event!

eSports (FIFA)

This year, idols had the chance to show off their soccer skills in another video game – FIFA Online 4. The competition included eight teams of two divided in Group A (PENTAGON, MBC announcers, SF9, ONF) and Group B (United Team, ATEEZ, THE BOYZ, Golden Child).

The preliminary matches that aired today were the one between PENTAGON (Hui and Shinwon) and the MBC announcer team, and the united forces of Kim Jaehwan and Ha Sungwoon against THE BOYZ’ Sangyeon and Sunwoo. Here are the results:

Group A: PENTAGON vs. MBC announcers (Liverpool vs. Atlético Madrid) – 4:0
Group B: UTD vs. THE BOYZ (Tottenham vs. Real Madrid) – 2:1

Archery (men)

The first semi-final match aired today, featuring MONSTA X defeating SF9 with the score of 84 to 66. Stray Kids will face NCT DREAM in the second semi-finals tomorrow, so stay tuned for another iconic JYP vs. SM match!

  • Minhyuk (9-8-9) vs. Rowoon (10-9-5)
  • Hyungwon (8-6-8) vs. Inseong (6-8-7)
  • I.M (9-8-9-10) vs. Chanhee (4-9-8-8)

Penalty shootouts

The always popular penalty shootouts are back and better than ever. We saw VERIVERY as the Avengers, major twists, and some great teamwork from the boy groups that competed in the first rounds. Check out the current results and clips of the closest match of the day (VERIVERY vs. Produce 101 alumni) below.

  • VERIVERY (Kangmin, Yeonho, Minchan) vs. UTD soloists (Kim Jaehwan, Ha Sungwoon, Jeong Sewoon) – 2:3
  • N.Flying vs. SF9 – 1:2
  • Stray Kids (Seungmin, Hyunjin, Bang Chan) vs. SEVENTEEN (Hoshi, Dino, Seunkgwan) – 4:1.

4 × 400m Relay

The groups that qualified for the finals are WJSN, Cherry Bullet, NATURE, and MOMOLAND for the girls, and VERIVERY, Golden Child, ATEEZ, and DONGKIZ for the boys.

Both semi-final races were really intense, as we witnessed members falling down and even being disqualified! Take a look at how it all went down…

Race 2 (F): DIA, April, MOMOLAND, Cherry Bullet
Race 1 (M): VERIVERY, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, SF9
Race 2 (M): VICTON, ONF, Golden Child, DONGKIZ

Stay tuned for more of 2020 ISAC tomorrow!

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