ISAC 2020 Lunar New Year Special: Results And Highlights (Part 3)

On January 27, the third and final part of the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Lunar New Year Special  aired on MBC. Results and highlights from the first two parts are available here:

Today’s episode brought us the entire women’s ssireum (Korean wrestling) event, men’s and women’s 4 x 400m relay finals, women’s archery finals, penalty shootout semis and finals, pitching, and the rest of the equestrianism event.

Women’s ssireum

In today’s first event, six girl groups competed for the gold: ITZY, APRIL, MOMOLAND, DIA, Cherry Bullet, and LOONA. The first four teams had to win two heats in order to qualify for the finals, while Cherry Bullet and LOONA had a chance to advance straight to the battle for first place.

ITZY and MOMOLAND beat APRIL and DIA, respectively, before competing against each other for the spot in the finals, while Cherry Bullet beat LOONA.

MOMOLAND came out on top against ITZY, and fought Cherry Bullet for the gold medal. After a tense battle, rookies Remi and Chaerin from Cherry Bullet beat MOMOLAND’s Hyebin and Ahin, winning gold medals for their team!


The equestrianism finals saw JBJ95’s Kenta compete against THE BOYZ’ Haknyeon.

In the end, Haknyeon won the gold medal, less than a year after he won silver in this same event at the 2019 ISAC – Chuseok Special. We might have to call him the horse whisperer now.

Penalty shootouts

In the semi-finals of penalty shootouts, Golden Child competed against the united (UTD) soloists Kim Jaehwan, Ha Sungwoon, and Jeong Sewoon, while SF9 went head to head with Stray Kids.

UTD soloists (Kim Jaehwan, Ha Sungwoon, Jeong Sewoon) vs. Golden Child (Jaehyun, Bomin, Seungmin) – 4:2

Stray Kids (Seungmin, Bang Chan, Hyunjin) vs. SF9 (Youngbin, Inseong, Rowoon) – 4:5

The finals brought us an intense and exciting match between the Produce 101 alumni and SF9, with the latter ultimately securing first place with the score of 4 to 3.

Archery (women)

The women’s archery finals brought us the battle between Gugudan and WJSN.

  • Hana (9-9-9) vs. Yeonjung (7-7-8)
  • Nayoung (8-8-8) vs. Bona (8-8-6)
  • Sejeong (9-10-9-9) vs. Dayoung (8-8-8-8)

Gugudan came out on top with the final score of 88 to 76, proving once again that they really are the archery aces!

Archery (men)

In the men’s archery finals, we saw NCT DREAM face off against MONSTA X.

  • Chenle (8-8-10) vs. Minhyuk (8-9-9)
  • Jaemin (8-9-8) vs. Hyungwon (9-8-9)
  • Jeno (9-10-9-10) vs. I.M (10-7-10-8)

After a gripping and extremely close match, Dreamies won the gold with the final score of 89 to 87, following the footsteps of their hyungs NCT 127, who won the Chuseok Special archery event.


Just like last time, each of the eight girls who participated in this event had to pitch to a catcher from a 12 meters distance, after which they were judged by three baseball professionals, who gave them scores from 1 to 10.

Here are the female idols who competed this year, as well as their scores:

  • Bomi (Apink) – 10-10-10 (71 km/h)
  • Yeji (ITZY) – 10-10-10 (58 km/h)
  • Chuu (LOONA) – 10-10-9 (76 km/h)
  • Jiwon (Cherry Bullet) – 9-8-9 (69 km/h)
  • Sejeong (Gugudan) – 8-8-8 (51 km/h)
  • Chaeyeon (DIA) – 8-7-7 (45 km/h)
  • Hyejeong (AOA) – 7-7-7 (55 km/h)
  • Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – 7-6-7 (55 km/h).

Since Bomi and Yeji both got perfect scores for their first pitch, the girls had to go again. Yeji got a total score of 29 for her second pitch, while the newly established pitching legend Bomi scored three 10s once again, making her the final winner. Meanwhile, Yeji won her second consecutive silver. Congratulations to both!

4 × 400m Relay

WJSN, Cherry Bullet, NATURE and MOMOLAND qualified for the girl group relay finals. After a thrilling race, Cherry Bullet won their third gold of this year’s ISAC!

  1. Cherry Bullet
  3. WJSN

The FNC girls dominated ISAC 2020 by winning four medals in total: three golds (as a group and individually – May) and one bronze (Jiwon).

In the race of the boy groups, it was the battle of last year’s winners Golden Child and three newcomer groups: ATEEZ, DONGKIZ, and VERIVERY. Goldenness will be happy to hear that their boys ended up defending the title!

  1. Golden Child
  4. ATEEZ

And with that, ISAC 2020 – Lunar New Year Special has drawn to a close. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

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