ITZY Celebrate End Of “ICY” Promotions In Vlive

ITZY concluded their successful four-week-long promotions for “ICY” with a surprise Vlive for MIDZY. The girls went live from the company building right after today’s performance at SBS’ Inkigayo and even bought a cake to celebrate the end of promotions as well as 200 days since debut

The girls took turns to express their gratitude to MIDZY.

Lia said: “Although it’s hard to promote every day, I feel somewhat sad that the promotions have really come to an end. This summer has been amazing!”

Yuna then talked about their recent fan signs: “It was really interesting to meet so many fans and have so much fun together. We got to do so many things that we love this month thanks to MIDZY who always support us.” 

Ryujin, on the other hand, seemed more interested in the cake and urged her fellow members to try it. She then thanked the fans right before the broadcast ended: “It’s already been more than 200 days since our debut! Thank you for always giving us strength, MIDZY!” Chaeryoung and Yeji also thanked MIDZY, and Yeji promised to come back with even better performances.

We definitely can’t wait for more songs from ITZY, but we hope that the girls get some rest first.

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