ITZY Conclude 2019 Showcase Tour In Bangkok

On December 21, ITZY held the last “ITZY?ITZY!” concert of 2019.

The group got to meet Thai MIDZY for the first time at their solo concert in Bangkok tonight, and concluded the 2019 portion of the “ITZY?ITZY!” showcase tour with another amazing show.

Besides performing their own songs, ITZY covered some of their sunbaes’ most popular hits, such as TWICE’s “TT” and GOT7’s “Hard Carry”. The show also included a short dance cover portion, during which they danced to “Feel Special” and Ryujin alone showed the fans the choreo to TXT’s “Run Away”. We love such supportive idols!

JYPE’s monster rookies kicked off the tour with a show in Jakarta back in November and have since held five more concerts all over Asia.

The members seemed to have been very excited for their first event in Thailand, and even had some free time to explore Bangkok last night (Dec. 20).

They also held a press conference this afternoon and shared some photos from the event. Don’t they look stunning, MIDZY?

ITZY’s first showcase tour will resume soon, with five more U.S. stops in January, 2020.

See the full list of the five concerts here:

  • Jan. 17 – Los Angeles
  • Jan. 19 – Minneapolis
  • Jan. 22 – Houston
  • Jan. 24 – Washington, D.C.
  • Jan. 26 – New York.

American MIDZY, where are you going to see the girls?

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