[ITZY] Fan Sign Recap

ITZY held a fan sign on August 23 and the lucky MIDZYs who got the chance to attend the event blessed us with some fun facts they found out about the girls.

Let’s get started!

  • You can only guess once – which member’s dream is to do a solo dance performance during the group’s future solo concerts? Chaeryoung, right? Or Yeji?  Well…both of our main dancers share the same dream and we can’t wait for it to come true! (JYPE division 2, feel free to send a couple of concert tickets to our address in the future 😉) 
  • A fan complimented Yuna’s English after seeing her at KCON 2019 LA and asked if she had recently taken extra lessons. And what was our savage maknae’s answer? “I learned it in elementary school!”
  • Lia revealed that she really wanted to learn French one day
  • At some point during the event, Yeji felt the need to publicly expose Lia for being shameless during their recent vocal lesson. The girls were singing a duet when Lia missed the note, but the vocal trainer mistakenly scolded Yeji while Lia pretended it was none of her business.
    Well, MIDZY, now we know that we should never mess with our leader! 

Also, we just have to mention that Ryujin and Chaeryoung were definitely flexing on us, poor MIDZYs, with their brand-new Versace outfits.

And…the girls got their 10th win for “ICY” on today’s episode of KBS’ Music Bank! Congrats ITZY! 

MIDZY, do you think that we’re going to get their 20th overall victory tomorrow already?

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