ITZY Kick Off U.S. Showcase Tour In L.A.

On January 17 (local time), ITZY kicked off the U.S. leg of their “ITZY?ITZY!” showcase tour with a concert in L.A.

Even before the show, the girls made sure to let all MIDZY know how happy they were to be in L.A. again (they previously performed at KCON 2019 LA) by posting on their official IG account.

The girls not only performed their own hits like “DALLA DALLA”, “Cherry” and “ICY”…

…but they also made sure to cover some of their sunbaes’ famous songs, such as GOT7’s “Hard Carry”.

ITZY also covered TWICE’s “TT” and danced to EXO’s “Love Shot”, MOMOLAND’s new song “Thumbs Up” and GOT7’s “Just Right”.

The group will continue the tour already on January 19, when they are set to perform in Minneapolis.

Stay tuned for all updates.

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