ITZY & TWICE Members Donate To Charity

JYP Nation is helping others again!

TWICE are known as idols who often give to charity and help those in need, even during vacation, and now ITZY are following their lead.

First, TWICE’s Jeongyeon and her sister, actress Gong Seungyeon, donated a signed pair of shoes to the Weaja Charity Flea Market. The shoes will be put up for auction and all the proceedings will be given to a charity organization.

TWICE’s hoobaes then did the same thing! ITZY donated a signed album along with autographed personal items from the members themselves. Lia gave a hair pin and her autograph, while Yeji put up a pouch for auction.

 You can see all the items in the photos below:

TWICE have been donating to Weaja Charity Flea Market since 2017, and previously they gave away an Idol Room T-shirt signed by all nine members.

What amazing idols to stan, right?

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