[ITZY VLive] Lia And Chaeryeong Reveal How ITZY Was Formed

ITZY are currently in Bangkok where they are scheduled to perform at KCON Thailand Day 1. Yesterday, September 27, they also held a fan sign event organized by SHOPEE Thailand. 

You can see the photos from yesterday’s event here:

In between all of their schedules, Chaeryeong and Lia still managed to go live last night to greet MIDZY before sleep. It seems that the girls were energetic because the VLive actually went on for more than half an hour and the duo revealed some interesting details about how the group was formed.

JYPE staff had decided on the new girl group members but the girls didn’t know about it at first. Then one day, Lia was having lessons when the trainer asked her if she could come to the company earlier the next day. Chaeryeong was asked the same question during her lesson and both girls commented during the VLive that they thought they would be getting some bad news and that they must have done something wrong. 

Then the next day they were surprised when they arrived early and saw Ryujin and Yeji already waiting there. While they were trying to come up with a possible reason for the trainers to call them in like that, the staff announced that they were chosen to form a new girl group.

At that moment Chaeryeong still thought that it was a team set to perform at a showcase and not an actual debut team. Lia added that they had done a showcase not long before so she didn’t really understand why they were suddenly put together to form a group. 

When the staff explained the real reason behind their meeting, the girls couldn’t hold their tears because they were so shocked at that moment.

The girls also mentioned how difficult the dance lessons were for them during their trainee days. They explained that sometimes Lia couldn’t keep up with other trainees and she was making progress way too slowly. Luckily, Chaeryeong, ITZY’s resident dancer, was always by her side to help her and encourage her.

We think it’s amazing to see how close the girls have become  in only seven months. 

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