ITZY Win On This Week’s Show Champion

🎶 Icy, but I’m on fire 🎶 👑

During the August 14 broadcast of MBC Music’s Show Champion, ITZY were announced as winners of the week, making this their fifth win for “ICY” and 14th win overall. This feat has already put them at second place among K-pop artists with most music show wins in 2019 (so far), only preceded by BTS with their 21 wins for “Boy With Luv”.

ITZY have been going strong since the very beginning, as they became the fastest girl group to win No. 1 in a music show, with the track “DALLA DALLA” just nine days after debut!
“DALLA DALLA” also holds the top spot among girl group songs with most music show wins in 2019 so far. “ICY” is currently in fifth place, but is likely to move up the list in the days to come.

Congratulations to ITZY and MIDZY! #ICY5thWin #ITZY14thWin

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