ITZY Shine At K-World Festa

The ITZY girls must be superhuman, as they never seem to get tired! Just one day after their performance at KCON 2019 LA Day 2, our five girls threw an equally energetic show at K-World Festa today, August 20. 

Ryujin, Chaeryoung, Lia, Yuna, and Yeji started off with “IT’z SUMMER” before greeting the fans during the intermission. The MCs of the day – Ha Sungwoon and AB6IX’s Daehwi – took this opportunity to congratulate them on winning the New Female Artist of the Year rookie award last month, and Ryujin said that she had dreamed about it ever since her trainee days.

Then it was time for a special mission: random dance play. BTS’ “I Need You” came up and Yeji and Ryujin did the choreo to a T without breaking a sweat. The song then transitioned into Chungha’s “Gotta Go”, and Ryujin’s, Chaeryoung’s and Yuna’s inner fangirl came out as they picked up the moves right away. The next two songs were Taemin’s “Move” and, finally, “FANCY” – the hit that all five girls readily danced to. What amazing hoobaes TWICE have, right?

Afterwards, the girls went on stage one last time for the night and proved once again that they are indeed one of a kind with “Dalla Dalla”.

We stan confident queens! 👸🏼 

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