ITZY’s Vlog Ep.1 : Ryujin’s French Lessons, Trip To Paris & More

On November 15, M2 released episode 1 of M2 Special – ITZY VLOG, a part of their three-episode series about JYPE’s monster rookies.

In the video below, we can first see the girls choose their favorite outfits and accessories before they start posing for the cameras. You can find the photos Dazed later released on this link.

Next up, we can see ITZY perform “ICY”, “Want It?” and “Dalla Dalla” at the Louis Vuitton cruise spin-off show that their sunbaes – TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Tzuyu – attended on October 31.

At 5:05, we see Ryujin preparing for the group’s trip to Paris. She proudly showed us that she studied French in order to be able to communicate easier during their stay in France. She said that she took a course in a language academy and proudly showed us her handwritten notes in French. How cute is that, MIDZY?

Our tall maknae told us that she also intended to study French during the flight but she was suddenly hungry so she ended up ordering pizza instead. You’d think that she might have studied after that, but Yuna then ordered some ramyun and then ate a triangle kimbap as well. Is our maknae still growing if she’s so hungry?

The video ends with the girls happily arriving in Paris. Episode 2 and 3 will show us how they spent their time in France.

If you missed ITZY’s photos from Paris, check out their Instagram posts below:

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see you again🙃

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