ITZY’s Vlog Ep.2 : Louis Vuitton & Eiffel Tower

After the episode 1 of M2 Special – ITZY VLOG ended with ITZY landing in Paris, episode 2 started with our five girls being welcomed by numerous French MIDZYs right at the airport.

Once the girls reached the hotel, they were surprised when they saw presents from Louis Vuitton waiting for them in their rooms.

The following day, ITZY went to a Louis Vuitton store to choose their outfits once again (aren’t they LV’s favorite girls already?) and starting from 2:08 you can see their final choices.

Next up, ITZY are seen arriving in front of the Louvre Museum, where the stars gathered and posed for the cameras before the Louis Vuitton show started.

After the show, ITZY met some other celebrities. They first chatted with actress Bae Doona before they posed for the cameras once again, and later on, they met Louis Vuitton’s fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

Finally, our five girls got some free time to enjoy Paris on their own – they went to see the Eiffel Tower!

MIDZY, which moment from the vlog did you like the most?

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