ITZY’s Yuna Celebrates Birthday & Shares Sweet Message For Fans

Today, December 9, marks the 17th birthday (Korean age) of ITZY’s sweet maknae, and her fellow members made sure that she feels special.

Ryujin was the first member to post a set of photos and a happy birthday message:

It’s impossible not to love our Yuna

Next, ITZY’s dear leader Yeji shared a polaroid of the group, with Yuna as the center, as well as some photos from their trips and shows.

Happy birthday to our tall, precious maknae. Thanks for always making us laugh, we’ll do that for you in the future too.
I love you

Then the birthday girl herself posted on Instagram! Yuna thanked her members, fans and everyone who have been supporting her in a long message:

[KOR] I am truly thankful to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. It’s the first I got so many message and nice wishes for my birthday and I am really happy. This is the first time that I’m celebrating it as a member of ITZY and it made me realize how many precious people have come into my life [during this time]. I’m really thankful to everyone who understands me, supports me and takes care of me. I will take all this love from you and make you as happy as I am. Thank you

[ENG] Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday today on December 9th. With all my heart, I really want you to know that I can feel your love. Thank you again and Love you so much.

Finally, Chaeryeong shared a celebratory post with the caption:

Happy birthday to our energetic member!
Thank you for always making me laugh and giving me confidence!
I smile a lot because of you and I want to share that side of you with MIDZY.
Unnies will still look after you now, so don’t get sick and let’s laugh even more next year. Fighting!
Happy birthday once again

We wish Yuna all the best! 🎉

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