[Jackson Wang] New Single Teasers

D-2 (October 20)

Jackson released a video teaser for the new single “DWAY!” in which we can see him smiling on a filming set for some kind of a commercial with his management team: TEAM WANG. 

Unlike the minimalistic setting and sound of the first single “Bullet To The Heart”, this teaser for sure has a more “Jackson” vibe to it and there’s no doubt Jackson will show us different sides of himself with these songs. 

There is another teaser coming our way before the single’s release on October 22! 

D-3 (October 19)

Jackson dropped the first teaser for the second single “DWAY!” from his upcoming album MIRRORS. This single is set to be released on October 22 at 11am KST, just three days prior to the album release.

“DWAY!” is the second single from the album that also includes “Bullet To The Heart”, released earlier this month.

In a recent comment on his official Instagram Jackson explained the meaning of “DWAY!” saying: 

The comment perfectly describes Jackson’s work ethic if we may say so ourselves. 

Stay tuned for more teasers! 

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