Jackson Wang Reveals Message Behind New Album

Yesterday, September 20, Jackson announced his first solo album and today he revealed more information about the songs.

Album’s title song – “Bullet To The Heart” – describes the feelings of hopelessness and despair that everyone deals with at some point in life. Jackson explained that although you feel as if a bullet was shot through your heart, you still need to keep your smiling in those moments.

Aside from the title song, Mirrors will contain seven other tracks. Each one is supposed to mirror different feelings and stages of growing up that today’s youth is going through.

Jackson added that the songs describe the need to get to know your true self and to understand all the underlying emotions of your heart. Only then you can realize what you want to do and where you want to go in your life. 

The meaningful message behind the songs sure sounds promising and we can’t wait for the single to drop on September 24.

When it comes to production, Jackson explained that the album was produced in China, South Korea and the U.S. He managed to incorporate both Western sound and traditional Chinese music elements in his new songs, which is something different from his previous work.

He didn’t reveal anything about the music video for “Bullet To The Heart”, but that just made us even more curious about the whole album.

Stay tuned for updates!

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