Jackson Wang Shares Photos From ‘MIRRORS’ Party + Message For Fans

A few days ago, Jackson Wang held his Mirrors Celebration Party with the fans in China, and today, December 11, he uploaded the photos from the event on his personal Instagram.

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【 MIRRORS 】 💽 Has finally come to an end MIRRORS Celebration party 2019 THANK YOU so much for supporting & believing in my music. It wouldn’t have happened without all of you. All amazing achievements belong to us, a very important part of our precious memory and yet more history will be made along this journey with all of us together. Through all the pain and problems in life, me and you, we will only be stronger and stronger. We are all together, we are all TEAM WANG. We’ve been through so much, and let’s look back to how much we have achieved all together. We been through it and we fought through it together. Nothin can replace the sprit and bond between us. Everything will be a part of HISTORY. We did it and we will move on for more chapters. TEAM WANG let’s make history. . 正式收官了 庆祝派对 2019 真心感谢所有支持我 相信我 关注我音乐/作品的你们 所有的成绩 都是我们一起闯出来的心血 难忘的经验中 让我们以后一起能变的更强 一切都属于我们 我们所有人都是TEAM WANG 不同的难关 我们真的不容易 各种挑战 回头看看 我们从TEAM WANG开始的那一天到现在 经历了多多少少的事 但我们也撑过来了 这都是 HISTORY TEAM WANG Let’s make history. . 드디어 마무리 됐어요. Celebration party 2019 모두 응원해주시는 분들 한태 감사하다고 하고싶어요. 저의 음악 무대 응원하고 좋아해주셔서 감사해요. 이번결과 우리 같이 노력 한거니까 정말 붓뜻해요. 정말 여기 까지 온게 우리 정말 정말 고생했어요 모두다 너무 힘들었지만 다 좋은 경험이라고 생각해요 이거 통해서 우리 더 강해진것같애요 너무나 감사해요 여러분 다 HISTORY 라고 생각해요 TEAM WANG Let’s make history. #感谢你们 #JACKY #MIRRORS庆祝派对2019 #MIRRORScelebrationparty2019 #TEAMWANG #thankyou #blessed #letsmakehistory

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In the long caption, Jackson thanked his fans and everyone who has believed in him and supported him. As always, Jackson made sure to express his gratitude to TEAM WANG and let everyone know that he feels #blessed.

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