Jihyo Teases TWICE’s New Reality Show

On November 13, TWICE’s leader suddenly joined the VLive app chat and revealed many interesting things to ONCE.

First she explained that she was resting in the dorm after a dance practice for MAMA. Does that mean that there will be some special stages at the award show?

Jihyo also mentioned that she went with Mina to Jeongyeon’s family home recently and her parents prepared beef bone soup. Knowing that Jeongyeon’s father is a famous chef, we don’t doubt that the trio ate well before they went back to their practice.

After some more TMI (and the confirmation that Sana figured out how to use her new iPhone), Jihyo revealed that “ONCE will be getting some good news soon”, but it won’t be a comeback.

After some more minutes, Jihyo started chatting about a possible reality show.

ONCE, if we make a reality show… what [concept] would be the best?

A trip abroad?

TWICE’s daily life?

Traveling in Korea?

Or something like a variety show?

Jihyo asking ONCE about this in such detail surely means that the group is considering to do some kind of a show soon.

ONCE, where do you want TWICE to take you as part of their new show?

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