Jimin And V Crash TXT’s V Live

Today, October 23, Yeonjun and Beomgyu surprised MOAs by going live around 6 pm KST. As if we weren’t happy enough just with seeing them chill and talk to us for the first time after their long-awaited comeback on Monday, we also got to see two special guests during their broadcast.

Around 24 minutes after they went live, we saw the boys looking absolutely thrilled when someone, or two someones, entered the room.

The people who put such beaming smiles on Yeonjun and Beomgyu‘s faces were none other than their sunbaenims Jimin and Taehyung. The boys stopped by just for a second to greet their hoobaes/dongsaengs and the fans watching their broadcast and Taehyung took this opportunity to praise the boys for working so hard on their new album. He said that seeing them barely leave the studio and the practice room reminded him of BTS’ beginnings. So touching!

We don’t get to see them interact too often, but that just makes instances like this one even more special.

Only two days ago during their comeback show, when TOMORROW X TOGETHER performed “Angel Or Devil” for the first time, we got to enjoy another adorable cross-fandom moment – the song contains the lyric “Why are you shaking up my heart?”, which is also a part of BTS’ bop “Boy In Luv”. TXT didn’t stop there – they even included the famous shoulder raising dance move from BTS’ choreo in their own dance routine.

We hope we’ll get to enjoy more of their interactions during the end of year awards ceremonies.

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