BTS’ Jin Praised By Industry Official For His MAMA Speech

Yoon Donghwan, Record Label Industry Association of Korea vice-chairman, has recently praised BTS Jin for speaking up about the problem of chart manipulation in Korea.

In case you didn’t know, on December 9, many industry officials attended a seminar about music charts, music shows and audition programs. During the event, Yoon Donghwan thanked Jin for shedding light on this issue during one of BTS acceptance speeches at the 2019 MAMA, which took place on December 4. He continued by saying that he is thankful that BTS have not chosen to stay quiet about this issue, despite having to choose all of their words carefully because of their status and situation.

To remind you, when the boys were up on the stage accepting their Song of the Year award, Jin said that music should be made in more honest ways and that he hopes a time will come when good music will be listened to.

Although his speech was very diplomatic and he didn’t point fingers at anybody, everybody still managed to connect the dots and realize what he was trying to imply.

Let’s hope Jin’s words will reach those who can do something about this issue!

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