JTBC Apologizes For Spreading Rumors About BTS Suing Big Hit

On December 16, a week after the incident, the Korean subscription network and broadcasting company JTBC apologized for spreading rumors about BTS suing their company Big Hit for not evenly sharing their profit.

In addition to this groundless claim, JTBC crew filmed inside Big Hit’s building without being given permission to do so.

Big Hit representatives were quick to issue a statement that these rumors were untrue. In this statement it was confirmed that all members and their families were advised and encouraged by the company to get external help on financial issues, but that the members were not considering filing a lawsuit.

During the 8 pm news on December 16, the anchor said that JTBC regret reporting on this issue so quickly and without looking into it more thoroughly, and that they apologize for filming inside Big Hit’s facility without their consent.

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