JYPE Issues Statement After Chaeyoung’s Phone Number Is Shared Online

Following Chaeyoung‘s Instagram post in which she addressed the stalker who shared her phone number online, JYPE issued an additional statement regarding the issue as well.

It goes as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are aware of people contacting TWICE member Chaeyoung after her personal information (phone number) was leaked and spread online.

Obtaining such personal information, as well as its unauthorized disclosure and dissemination, is classified as a violation of the Privacy Act and may be subject to legal action.

We have confirmed and collected sufficient evidence of this personal information being posted publicly on social media without permission, and instances of consistent attempts to contact Chaeyoung. In response to this, we want to notify you that we will immediately be taking strong legal action against the owner of that social media account on the basis of the violation of the Privacy Act.

The illegal leaking and sharing of our artists’ personal information has caused them great worry and distress. In order to stop this, our agency will continue collecting evidence of such cases and we will do our best to prevent it from happening [in the future].

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