JYPE Issues Update On Mina’s Health

Earlier today, August 27, JYP Entertainment issued an additional statement regarding Mina’s current condition and participation in future promotions.

It was revealed that the singer is suffering from a serious anxiety disorder, so her participation in future promotions and schedules will depend on her condition and be decided through discussion with Mina herself and the rest of the members.

You can read the full statement below:

Hello. This is JYPE.

This is an additional notice on Mina’s health condition.
After checking with specialized medical institutions, it was confirmed that Mina is suffering from anxiety disorder. The major symptoms are continuous anxiety or intermittent anxiety that occurs unexpectedly, as well as abrupt changes in the level of anxiety.

Based on the current situation, Mina’s participation in scheduled activities will be decided through discussion with Mina and the members. In addition, Mina’s participation in activities has to be decided entirely based on the objective state of Mina’s health, so we ask for the understanding of fans.

We will continuously take all possible measures for Mina’s recovery. We ask for fans’ support.

We hope that Mina takes her time to recover completely before joining TWICE’s future activities. ONCE, let’s all show support for our Mina 🐧 💜!

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