JYPE Addresses Jihyo’s Accident + Airport Safety

On December 8, TWICE returned to Korea after concluding their Japanese activities.

But as soon as the girls arrived at Gimpo Airport, they were surrounded by the usual crowd of fansites and reporters. In the middle of the chaos, Jihyo tripped over a fan and fell down, hurting her leg. Sana and Chaeyoung then escorted her to the company van.

Moments ago, JYPE issued a statement regarding the incident:

Hello, this is JYPE.

During TWICE’s return to Korea, an incident occurred at Gimpo Airport due to a large crowd and their attempts to take photos of the artists.

Following artists after the immigration screening is prohibited and will cause you to be included on the TWICE blacklist – thus making you unable to participate in public broadcasts and other activities.

If such incident reoccurs, we might have to take legal actions.
These measures are implemented not only for our artists’ safety but also to protect fans and other passengers. We ask you to refrain from creating such risky situations as well as trying to meet the artists outside of their official schedule.

We are looking into legal measures to prevent such incidents from happening, especially from happening repeatedly. As an agency, we will do our best to protect our artists.

Thank you.

Let’s hope that everyone takes this warning seriously. Get well soon, Jihyo!

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I really hope that O’ce will be more careful next time. At least in giving space between them and Twice members❤️ protect those angels please.

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