JYPE Puts Out Statement Following Han’s Absence From Fansign

UPDATE (11 pm KST)

Moments ago, it was formally announced that Han will not be taking part in tomorrow’s filming for MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Hello, this is JYPE.
We would like to announce that Han won’t be participating in the filming for ISAC tomorrow.
We ask fans for understanding, as we are doing our best to preserve Han’s health.
Thank you.

(10 pm KST)

JYP Entertainment has just issued a statement explaining Han’s absence and health condition. Read the full English translation below.

Hello, this is JYPE.

This is a statement regarding Han’s schedule and health condition.

Currently, he is showing signs of intermittent anxiety . There is no change to his regular promotions and stage performances, but he feels uneasy when surrounded by a large number of people.

His condition has improved a lot through treatment and he intended to attend today’s event but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to attend it due to unexpected circumstances.

We apologize to STAY.

As we consider our artists’ health our top priority, Han will continue receiving treatment until his condition significantly improves. In the future, his participation in the group’s events will be decided after consulting with him, so there might be unexpected changes in his participation.
We have been actively trying to help Han since the beginning of his career and Stray Kids members are putting effort to help him as well.
We have been doing our best to help him restore good health and will continue to do so.

Please support Han.

Original article

On December 15, Stray Kids held their “Levanter” fansign at IFC Mall in Seoul, but the group was incomplete. Han, who already experienced symptoms of anxiety during yesterday’s fan meeting did not attend the event and JYP Entertainment hadn’t released any statement to explain his absence.

When the fans arrived at the venue, the staff informed them that Han was sick, but they would still give out the posters signed by him.

Many local fans were furious about the lack of consideration JYPE displayed by not even issuing the usual statement and going as far to make Han sign the posters although he was not feeling well. Korean fans are now trending the hashtag #1본부_아티스트_게어해 (Eng. translation: “Division 1, take care of your artists“), demanding that the company officially address the situation.

Han already apologized yesterday for not being able to go on stage and meet fans at the fan meeting:

Hi STAY, it’s Han!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there at the beginning and the end of the mini fan meeting… I was a bit nervous to see and meet so many STAYs up close. I am fine and healthy now, so don’t worry about me! I’m happy that we were able to meet today.

A couple of weeks ago, GOT7’s Jackson and Youngjae also did not participate in their group’s fansign events, but on those two occasions the agency put out a statement explaining the reason. TWICE’s Chaeyoung also had to sit out the group’s concert in Japan recently due to health issues but the fans were informed beforehand.
Korean STAYs are now asking JYPE to do Stray Kids and their fans the same courtesy.

Let’s hope that Han is all right and resting, and that JYPE start prioritizing their artists’ health.

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