JYPE Takes Legal Measures To Protect GOT7

On December 20, JYP Entertainment issued a statement regarding malicious comments about GOT7 members and the legal measures they have taken.

Read the full statement below:

Hello, this is JYPE.

We would like to inform you that we will take all possible legal actions against individuals who in any way undermine our artists’ image, honor, or personality.

Evidence of such actions has been collected through our monitoring and reports from fans and we have taken legal measures accordingly.
Thanks to the fans’ reports we were able to proceed with legal actions quickly.

Thank you once again and please keep reporting such issues to fan@jype.com.
We will continue reporting anyone who infringes our artists’ personal rights and hinders their activities.

We would like to inform you that we will continue to take all possible civil and criminal actions without exceptions.

Thank you.

The statement comes just a week after Youngjae asked fans to stop trying to contact him in a Instagram post and JYPE followed with a warning.

The agency also issued a similar statement yesterday (Dec. 19) regarding the stalker who has been trying to contact and meet TWICE members. Korean news outlet, Channel A, reported that the issue is so alarming that all TWICE members are currently under police protection and were given smart watches to be able to contact the police in case of an emergency.

We’re glad that JYPE is taking all possible measures to keep their artists safe!

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