[K.A.R.D] BM’s Lesson On Gratitude

BM has been hyping fans for K.A.R.D’s comeback for some time now on his Instagram account, but today he went live just to have a relaxed Q&A session with their fans.

A fan asked what he had been up to lately and BM’s said that his day consisted of “writing new music, producing, hitting the gym” and recently he created his own clothing brand – Staydium LA. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a photo of J.seph posing in Staydium’s new cargo pants that are set to be released later this month.

According to the BM, his parents have been in the clothing industry for more than 20 years so he first presented the idea to them. His new Staydium pants will be “super comfortable and dope to dance in”, as BM put it. And Hidden KARD, if you’re going to K.A.R.D’s USA tour, you might get a special gift from BM – apparently he will be throwing some of the new merchandise right from the stage!

We expected the rest of the video to continue in the same tone but turns out BM actually had a deeper message for fans.

He said that recently there was a period when he really felt hopeless and we were totally worried there for a moment.

During KARD’s rehearsal for K-World Festa on August 16, BM experienced slight back pain but, as hardworking as he is, he totally gave his best both for the rehearsal and for the show later on. However, the moment he went off  the stage he could barely move and was taken to hospital. He then retells the whole experience: 

“I was on super heavy pain meds and…I laid down for three days straight.” 

As comeback was approaching he grew worried and afraid that he would let down his group mates, but then he added: 

“During those three days, a lot of stuff [was] going through my mind. I need to be thankful and stop worrying about stupid things that aren’t even that bad…I couldn’t walk for three days, the pain sucked really bad. So I just started becoming really grateful to be able to walk again, to be able to dance again, to practise – little things like that.”

And although he looked quite tired in the Vlive, B.M ended the video on a positive note: 

“Let’s all just be grateful!”

We hope for BM and his fellow group members to stay healthy and happy!

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